Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea Benefits -Pure Green Tea

Green tea is a brew flavored with the aromatic scent of dried Camellia Sinesis leaves. Unlike Black Tea, Green Tea has more antioxidants since the leaves are unfermented. Fermentation lowers the levels of antioxidant present in the final tea. There are numerous Green Tea benefits, this article explains the main benefits of green tea

Before any western medical studies were conducted, the people of Asia, specifically in China and Japan have long been enjoying the benefits of green tea for more than 3,000 years. Preparing, serving, and drinking green tea followed an elaborate process. This custom reflected the people’s esteem for a drink that has sustained them for thousands of years.

Do you drink green tea?

If you do, then you are aware that tea gives a host of health benefits. There is growing evidence that one of the benefits of drinking green tea is that is reduces the risk of several life-threatening diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disorders, infections, rheumatoid arthritis, and even strengthens an impaired immune system. One of the documented epidemiological studies on esophageal cancer was included in the Journal of National Cancer Institute. The study reported that green tea reduced by almost 60 percent the risk of this type of cancer in Chinese males and females.

Are you aware of the many benefits of Green Tea?

Many researchers are recognizing green tea benefits and the effect green tea may have reducing the risks of certain types of cancer. The active ingredients in the tea are polyphenols, catechins, flavonoids, phytochemicals, and flavonols. Phytochemicals are believed to boost the immune system, decrease the risk of heart disease and cancer. Cathechins are antioxidants present in fruits and tea. Cathechins is bitter, kills food poisoning causing bacteria, and promotes dental health by stopping the formation of plaque. Flavonoids and flavonoids are also antioxidants. These substances are all good for everybody.

During the ancient times, people used the extract of tea leaves to ease stomach ailments, diarrhea, and vomiting, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reduce tooth decay, and minimize the chances of blockages of the heart’s blood vessels that can lead to heart attacks. Green tea is also used as an herbal application to prevent various bacterial infections. There are many other benefits of Green Tea.

People in Asia take at least three cups of green daily. There is no clear idea how much is enough for preventive or beneficial effects. Of course, green tea should not be taken as a cure-all for deadly ailments. Drinking tea is a relaxing and can soothe frazzled nerves. However too much of a good thing will have its effect. In many cases, people who drink too much tea may have trouble in sleeping, nervousness, and upset stomach. Tea has caffeine, and too much caffeine induces these symptoms have having too much.

If you prefer your dose in a nice cup of steaming tea, then go ahead. Use 1 to 2 teaspoons of the dried tea and let it steep in a cup of boiling water for three to five minutes. If you have the time, take more time to steep the dried leaves and savor the fresh aroma green tea. If you prefer the convenience of capsules, green tea in capsule forms are also sold as dietary supplement. Prepared green tea is also sold bottles and cans under different labels.