Green Tea And Black Tea Difference

Argument Between Green Tea and Black Tea

Out of green tea and black tea, which of the two teas can truly reign as the tea king? Many kinds of illnesses can be avoided through the daily consumption of green tea, but what about another drink with “tea” in the name? Does this unknown kind of tea also provide the user with health benefits? Yes, black tea does provide health benefits. Although, these health benefits are not as good and powerful as the health benefits that green tea possesses.

Why Is Green Tea Stronger?

The reason that green tea is stronger in the health benefits field is due to its catechins. The catechins that provide the health benefits of green tea are way more potent in green tea than in black tea. This is why green tea has more hype than black tea. Green tea has eight times more potency of its catechins than black tea. The more catechins, the better health benefits. To bring more shame to black tea, most of the catechins are oxidized providing a very weak effect against the many types of illnesses that green tea can make the body devoid of. Black tea does not contain the same amount of the ever-powerful EGCG as green tea does.

Process Of Taming Green Tea and Black Tea

Green tea and black tea both come from the Camellia Sinensis plant, but they differ in taste and flavor due to the methods that are used to process the leaves. Usually, green tea is made through steaming or heating the green tea to a point where the oxidation process is halted. This is a less invasive method compared to the method of black tea. The process of black tea allows it to oxidize and undergo an intense level of fermentation which changes the color of the tea. In this method, the polyphenols are destroyed. The polyphenols that exist in green tea are responsible for the wide variety of health benefits that makes green tea popular. Black tea cannot touch green tea with a stick in comparison of their health benefits. All the major health benefits remain in green tea, while the health factors of black tea are lost.